Posted on 03-Jul-2019

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Benefits of our organic henna and 100% chemical free hair colors

3. Keeps Scalp dandruff Free
KEO Henna is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, thus if you apply henna on your hair, you'll be able to regain back from dandruff and flaky scalp. Using henna on a daily basis will simply assist you to induce obviate dandruff. So, always apply Mehendi on your hair and say ‘bye-bye' to dandruff. Mehandi has medicinal value and thus it is being used for several thousand years. In Indian Ayurveda, it has been mentioned to use Mehendi in different preparations. This is widely used for the treatment of dandruff, also it has several medicinal uses.

4. Make stronger hair
If you wish to strengthen your hair, apply henna. Henna has uncountable nice qualities that help your hair strengthen and grow well. It’s an excellent quality that it will penetrate the hair shaft and bind with the albuminoid shining in it. It makes your hair stronger. Strengthening of hair is always demanded by both man and women. It has been claimed, that regular use of Henna keeps strengthens your hair also help its proper growth.

5. Increases hair in bulk
If your hair is extremely skinny and does not have smart volume, use Mehendi to improve your hair health in all respects. Henna helps increase the volume of your hair. Henna build up the thickness of your hair root that successively helps to increase the volume. So, don't be concerned any longer, apply Henna on your hair which gives your hair bouncy look....
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